Crm Of Broccoli
NY Strip Steak And Eggs 12.95
Polish Omelette OR Skillet: Polish Ssge, onions,
and mozzarella cheese
Chef K Omelette: Spinach, feta, grilled tomato,
with giardiniera on top 9.95
The Naked Benny: 2 Eggs Poached on rye toast
with feta and avocado
Fig Breakfast Sandwich: fresh fig spread
with avocado, bacon and over hard eggs
Broiled Salmon with Vegetables 12.95
Summer Cold Plate Platter
Cream Of Broccoli

Benecio Del Churro: 3 lightly fried waffles
topped with cinnamon sugar
The Taco Frittata !!!!
Due to the recent Salmonella outbreak,
we are currently out of Romaine Lettuce.
We are substituting mixed greens and iceburg
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